Childish Gambino - R O Y A L T Y (1 version)
Type: Guest Appearance
 R O Y A L T Y is a mixtape by rapper Donald Glover, who goes by Childish Gambino. He offered the mixtape for free on his website on July 4, 2012. Beck co-produced and rapped on "Silk Pillow," and produced "Bronchitis."

Beck has said he did 4-5 songs with Childish Gambino, so hopefully they will be released soon.
Digital Downloads
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Title: R O Y A L T Y
Release type: Retail
Release date: Unknown date
Format: Digital Download (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown

1. Royalty
2. We Ain't Them
3. One Up (feat. Steve G. Lover)
4. Black Faces (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
5. Unnecessary (feat. Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul)
6. Shoulda Known
7. R.I.P. (feat. Bun B)
8. American Royalty (feat. RZA & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble)
9. It May Be Glamour Life (feat. Ghostface Killah)
10. Toxic (feat. Danny Brown)
11. Silk Pillow 
Original Performance: Childish Gambino
Produced by: Beck Hansen, Donald Glover
Vocals: Beck Hansen, Donald Glover
Written by: Beck Hansen, Donald Glover

12. They Don't Like Me (feat. Chance The Rapper)
13. Arrangement (feat. Gonage)
14. Won't Stop (feat. Danielle Haim)
15. Bronchitis 
Produced by: Beck Hansen
Vocals: Donald Glover
Written by: Donald Glover

16. Wonderful (feat. Josh Osho)
17. Make It Go Right (feat. Kilo Kash)
18. Real Estate (feat. Alley Boy, Swank & Tina Fey)