Sia Furler - Some People Have Real Problems (1 version)
Type: Guest Appearance
 Beck adds back-up vocals to two of the tracks. Other members of Beck's band appear throughout the album, such as Joey Waronker, Brian Lebarton, Ryan Falkner, Greg Kurstin and Lucia Ribisi.

The story goes that Sia emailed Beck to ask him if he would participate in the recording sessions for a couple of songs. She never heard back, so assumed he was busy. Then on the day of recording, he showed up, surprising everyone.
cd version a    
Title: Some People Have Real Problems
Release type: Retail
Release date: Unknown date
Format: CD (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown
Label: Hear Music

1. Little Black Sandals
2. Lentil
3. Day Too Soon
4. You Have Been Loved
5. The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
6. Academia 
Accordion: Harry Deerness
Bass: Sam Dixon
Clarinet: Martin Slattery
Drums: Joey Waronker
Flute: Martin Slattery
Guitar: Dan Carey, Gus Seyffert, Jimmy Hogarth
keyboards: Ed Stevens
Percussion: Jimmy Hogarth
Produced by: Jimmy Hogarth
Vocals: Sia Furler
Vocals (Background): Beck Hansen, Brian Lebarton, Gus Seyffert, Inara George, Lucia Ribisi, Ryan Falkner
Written by: Dan Carey, Sia Furler

7. I Go To Sleep
8. Playground
9. Death By Chocolate 
Bass: Sam Dixon
Drums: Joey Waronker
Guitar: Gus Seyffert
keyboards: Ed Stevens, Greg Kurstin
Produced by: Jimmy Hogarth
Vocals: Sia Furler
Vocals (Background): Beck Hansen, Binki Shapiro, Brian Lebarton, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, Lucia Ribisi
Written by: Greg Kurstin, Sia Furler

10. Soon We'll Be Found
11. Electric Bird
12. Beautiful Calm Driving
13. Lullaby
14. Buttons