Sia Furler - Colour The Small One (1 version)
Type: Guest Appearance
 Beck doesn't appear on this album, but he did co-write one of the songs that is on it.
cd version a    
Title: Colour The Small One
Release type: Retail
Release date: Unknown date
Format: CD (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown
Label: Universal
Catalog number: 0249866104

1. Sia - Rewrite
2. Sia - Sunday
3. Sia - Breathe Me
4. The Bully 
Bass: Sam Dixon
Drums: Jeremy Stacey
Guitar: Jimmy Hogarth, Kevin Cormack
Keyboard / Synthesizer: Martin Slattery
Mix: Tchad Blake
Vocals: Sia Furler
Written by: Beck Hansen, Jimmy Hogarth, Sia Furler

5. Sia - Sweet Potato
6. Sia - Don't Bring Me Down
7. Sia - Natale's Song
8. Sia - Moon
9. Sia - The Church Of What's Happening Now
10. Sia - Numb
11. Sia - Where I Belong