Drama! Unreleased White Labels Volume 24 (1 version)
Type: Compilation
cd version a    
Title: Drama! Unreleased White Labels Volume 24
Release type: DJ (Unofficial)
Release date: 1997 (unknown date)
Format: CD (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown
Label: Get This Queen A Cocktail Inc.
Matrix info:
IFPI L792 159803-W3-73290A *28092* IFPI 2D2G

1. Janet Jackson - Got 'Til It's Gone (Def Club Mix)
2. Dirty Dat - Bite The Bullet (White 12")
3. Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Club 69 Mix)
4. White Town - Your Woman (Fitch Bros 12")
5. The New Pollution (Pollution Mix 2) 
Written by: Beck Hansen, John King, Mike Simpson

6. Sweet Eyes - If Madonna Calls (Beat The Bitch 12")
7. OMC - How Bizarre (UK DJ-Only White)
8. Elton John - Rocket Man (Hani's White)
9. Eddie Baez - In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins White)
10. Rock-n-Krazy (Enya) - Sail Away (Hard Mix)
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