Summer Playlist (1 version)
Type: Compilation
 Weird Universal video promo.
Enhanced CDs
enhanced cd version a    
Title: Summer Playlist
Release type: Promo
Release date: 2000 (unknown date)
Format: Enhanced CD (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown
Label: Universal
Country: Turkey
Matrix info:
This is a terrible production. The CD is split into a data portion (Bluejean) and an audio portion (Not). The Bluejean part has a terrible program/interface for a bunch of music videos. The audio side isn't encoded correctly and thinks there are two tracks, even though there is only actually one. The track it contains is a series of clips of all the songs that appear on the Bluejean side - this is the "Bonus Audio Mix" advertised on the sleeve.

All in all, this is interesting for how terrible it is.

The Sexx Laws video is the short version.

1. Gabrielle - Rise
2. No Doubt - Ex-Girlfriend
3. Hanson - If Only
4. Muse - Muscle Museum
5. Shaft - Mambo Italiano
6. Blink 182 - What's My Age Again?
7. Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake
8. Lauryn Hill - Turn Your Lights Down Low
9. Sexx Laws 
Arrangment (Horns): Beck Hansen
Banjo: Herb Peterson
Bass: Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Engineer: Mickey Petralia
Guitar: Smokey Hormel
Guitar (Pedal Steel): Jay Dee Maness
Keyboard / Synthesizer: Beck Hansen, Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Mix: Beck Hansen, Michael Patterson, Mickey Petralia
Piano: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Produced by: Beck Hansen, Mickey Petralia
Programming: Beck Hansen, Mickey Petralia
Saxophone (Tenor): David Brown
Shaker: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Tambourine: Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Trombone: David Ralicke
Trumpet: Jon Birdsong
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Vocals (Background): Arnold McCuller, Valerie Pinkton
Written by: Beck Hansen

10. Fastball - The Way

1. - - -
2. Bonus Audio Mix 
Mashed: Beck Hansen (Sexx Laws), Blink 182 (What's My Age Again?), Fastball (The Way), Gabrielle (Rise), Hanson (If Only), Lauryn Hill (Turn Your Lights Down Low), Muse (Muscle Museum), No Doubt (Ex-Girlfriend), Shaft (Mambo Italiano), Sheryl Crow (My Favorite Mistake)
Written by: Beck Hansen

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