DJ Donkis: When Worlds Collide (1 version)
Type: Compilation
cd version a    
Title: DJ Donkis: When Worlds Collide
Release type: Retail (Unofficial)
Release date: Unknown date
Format: CD (x1)
Number pressed: Unknown

1. Intro
2. Powerman 5000 vs. Purple Ribbon Allstars - When Worlds Collide With Kryptonite
3. Eminem vs. 311 - Ass Like Amber
4. Kanye West vs. Disturbed - Golddigg'n Sickness
5. Can I Have It Like An Epro 
Mashed: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams
Remix (Mashup): DJ Donkis
Written by: Beck Hansen, John King, Mike Simpson, The Beastie Boys

6. 50 Cent vs. Mushroomhead - Sun Rising Inferno
7. Limp Bizkit vs. Mario feat. Pharell - Nookie Boom
8. Latin Assassin - Interlude
9. Linkin Park vs. Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha Feel Numb
10. Latin Assassin - Interlude
11. JZ and LP vs. Nine Inch Nails - The Only Encore
12. Tommy Boyy Skit
13. Nine Inch Nails vs. Yin Yang Twins - Only Shake
14. Dr. Dre & Eminem vs. Gorillaz - Forget About Feelin Good
15. Black Eyed Peas vs. Ben Benassi - I Love My Humps
16. The Killers vs. Darude - The Killer Sandstorm
17. 3-6 Mafia vs. The Bravery - An Honest But Fly Mistake
18. D4L vs. Linkin Park - Laffy Taffy Papercut
19. Tom Petty vs. Lil Jon - What U Gon Do When U Don't Know How It Feels
20. Latin Assassin - Interlude
21. Yin Yang Twins feat. Bun B - Git It
22. Outro