Ultimix 60 (1 version)
Type: Compilation
12" version a    
Title: Ultimix 60
Release type: DJ
Release date: 1996 (unknown date)
Format: 12" (x3)
Number pressed: Unknown
Label: Ultimix Records
Country: United States
Matrix info:
Side A: UM60 A Metropolis Mastering Chicago M.J.R. L 47206
Side B: UM60 B M.M.M.J.R. L-47206
Side C: UM60-C M.M.M.J.R. L-47206
Side D: UM60-D M.M.M.J.R. L-47206
Side E: UM60 E M.M.M.J.R. L-47206
Side F: UM60 F M.M.M.J.R. L-47206
Comes with a set of stickers with track and BPM info to slap on the sleeve, and a page with descriptions of all the tracks. The description for the Where It's At remix says:
Where It's At
(97 bpm)
The "Loser" himself is back with a great funk track! Tim reworked this phat track by adding a pumpin' drum loop and by highlighting the really cool part of the original mix.

1. Fugees - Killing Me Softly Part 1 (Remix by Les Massengale)
2. Fugees - Killing Me Softly Part 2 (Mix by Mark Roberts)

1. The Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo Part 1 (Remix by DJ Roach)
2. The Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo Part 2 (Edit by Mark Roberts)

1. Angelina - Release Me (Mix by Mark Roberts)
2. Livin' Joy - Don't Stop Movin' (Mix by Les Massengale & Mark Roberts)

1. Mark's Modern Rock Mix 2
2. Garbage - Stupid Girl (Mix by Tim Robertson)

1. Where It's At (Mix by Tim Robertson) 
Remix: Tim Robertson
Written by: Beck Hansen, John King, Mike Simpson

2. Science - Get Your Groove On (Mix by Mark Roberts)

1. Human League - Don't You Want Me (Mix by Les Messengale)
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