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What is a matrix number?
No, it's not a linear algebra thing, and it's definitely not a series of bad amazing movies! A matrix number is an identifier etched into the groove of vinyl records. They are generally a collector's best tool for identifying which version / pressing of a record they have and can often be used to spot bootleggers who haven't done their homework. For more information see Wikipedia.

Where can I find the Beercan 7"
You can't.

Where can I find other rare beck records?
That is the question of the hour. eBay is always a good place to keep an eye on, and depending on your luck and your skill (at bidding), you may either make a real snatch or really overpay. Either way, this tool helps you reach sellers you may not be able to find on your own. Another good tool are websites which list records for sale (but not as an auction) by many different sellers. There are many of them these days, and some of the bigger ones are Gemm and Musicstack. Still other ways are hitting as many record stores as possible, calling shops and wholesale record dealers, attending record conventions, etc. The most important thing is to have patience and persistence. That We Are Bacteria 7" isn't going to fall into your lap, you've got to work at it (every day, if possible).

Why are Beck fans so obsessive about collecting everything?
His beat is correct.

What's that weird sound at the end of A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight, and why doesn't it ever stop playing? It's a small loop which will play forever. It is done by etching this portion of the vinyl very deep, so when the needle hits the end it hops back to the beginning. It's called Styrofoam Chicken (Quality Time).