This article was originally printed in Sassy magazine in November 1994. I got it from

Sassy, November 1994 

Tiny Beck: Your Personal Advice Columnist Precocious sage Beck lays it down 

I have a voice that's kinda different from others. At one moment it 
can be very high-pitched and at the next it's normal. While some 
people love it and think it's cool, there are those who think it's 
annoying and that I make my voice shrill on purpose. Do you hink my 
voice turns guys away from me? What should I do? --Born vocally 
stretched out 

'People have made whole careers out of high-pitched, shrill 
voices. Some of the most popular singers today sound like total 
freaks. I think as you grow older your voice will deepen and mature. 
If it doesn't, you can always resort to a four-track, using the pitch 
control to slow your voice down. And as far as guys being turned 
off--you need to be with someone who appreciates all aspects of you, 
be they monstrous or endearing.' 

 I love a guy who's going to be 17 about two months after I turn 15. 
He's my brother's best friend. The problem is, I've loved him for a 
little over three-and-a-half years. I know he doesn't like me, but he 
knows I like him. And he has a girlfriend. I can't seem to get over 
him. I haven't gone out with a guy in two years because I like him so 
much. Whenever I think about him, I feel like I'm going to cry. 
Sometimes I even do. I don't think he'll ever like me. --Amy 

'Like the song says, "Hard, ain't it hard, to love the one 
who doesn't love you." Hard it is, but nothing's easier than dwelling 
on it. As difficult as it may seem I think you need to go out with 
other people; give yourself a chance to grow fond of someone else.' 

Do guys ever notice fashion? I mean, do they see the groovy outfits 
girls wear or just the girl underneath the clothes? --A. 

'I tend to be annoyed by "fashion" or fashion-obsessed 
people. It's fine and well for people to feel good about how they 
look, and dressing in a wig and knickers can be fun, but ultimately 
there are better things to be concerned with--like waffle irons, 
dulcimers, oral hygiene. "Style is its own reward." (People pay me 
to look bad.).' 

 Here's my problem. Whenever my boyfriend and I go out, I have to pay 
for everything. I work and he doesn't, so if I want to do something 
Ihave to pay. It's starting to make me really mad. How can I get him 
to start paying his fair share? --Becoming broke 

'This slacker scourge is ravaging the minds of our youth. 
Tell this guy to get motivated Tony Robbins style: "Yesterday is a 
canceled check. Your maximum point of power is now.".' 

I heard the other day that my friend's mother got shot. They think 
the dad did it because he threatened to hurt her before. His mother 
was one of my friends. I used to talk to her all the time. Lately I 
haven't been eating much because of that. What should I do to get her 
off my mind? --Thinkin' problems 

'You need to talk about this with someone to sort out your 
grief and loss, and you need to start eating again.' 

My best friend is like the mother I 
never had. And never really wanted. Everything I do wrong she says, 
"That's rude" or "You shouldn't have done that." She drives me crazy. 
What should I do? --Help 

'True friends are helpful and understanding, not judgmental 
nags. Tell her as graciously as possible to lay off.'

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