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Sep 2001 

Beck called

PHOTOGRAPHERS boycotted international recording artist Beck when he
appeared at the top Scottish festival "T In The Park" on 8 June. Beck's
headline appearance may have been a big present for his fans, as it was
his birthday. Photo & manipulation  2001 But his gift
to photographers at the event was to try and grab the copyright to any
photographs they took of the star.

"There was a sign saying photographers wanting to shoot the Beck concert
would have to sign a form," says Ben Curtis, a staff photographer for
the Press Association, speaking in a personal capacity.

Effectively the form assigned all rights including copyright to Beck.
Photographers could use the photographs for a year but would waive their
moral rights. "I thought it was pretty incredible to be honest," says
Curtis. "A lot of photographers are getting pretty sick of these
copyright grabs, especially when artists go on about how CD piracy is
threatening their livelihoods - and stealing photographers' copyright
for nothing in return."

Because of the mix of photographers, including freelances and music
press, staff and web-site photographers, it was initially difficult to
get consensus on a response. A few did sign, but after discussion they
went back and tore up the contract. "It was 100% in the end," says

Beck's management at one point said snappers from the nationals could go
in without signing. "It was a divide and rule tactic but everyone agreed
that it was all or nothing - no one took any photos of him."

 Thom Dibdin

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