I believe this was originally published in No-Fi magazine, but I got it from

Brian Doherty: Influences, uh, I have a wide range of
influences...I kinda go through phases and what I listen to
a lot lately is a lot of NRBQ and I really like BECK a lot.

Chris Beyond: Nipper and I were just talking about BECK the
other night. We're gonna get the inside scoop from her. Tell
us about BECK.

Nipper Seaturtle: BECK?

Chris Beyond: Yep.

Nipper Seaturtle: Um, I feel guilty cuz, um, when I was in
FIEND with his Steve Maramarco, (Currently in THE ABE
LINCOLN STORY) I was really mean to him. He used to come
with us and open for us on our out of town shows. He was
really broke and he never pitched in for gas. I would always
go, "Hey you know, why do you always have to bring BECK to
all these gigs? He just takes up room in the van and he
never brings money." Whenever I tried to talk to him, he
looked stunned and never had anything to say. Steve wrote a
song called "I'm Not At Your Beckin Call"and said it was
about Beck since Beck was like his wife. I used to call
Steve Mrs. Beck. We used to say he was Hen-Becked. Now he
never talks to him...

Chris Beyond: He's a big rock star now. Steve is cool. Gotta
plug his band. (plug plug plug)

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