This was given to me by my friend and your's, Vinod Shankar. This is
what he had to say:

Found a short old review in an old Beck 'zine I had. This was
written/printed in about Feb 1995... the last paragraph is wonderfully

You can find information about this concert at Hijacked Flavors!

BECK @ Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA 1/7/95 (Opening for Johnny Cash)

Beck's amazing and diverse talent is lost on those that think he's a one
trick pony. "Loser" was a great single but it was definitely
oversaturated. Few people are aware of the three albums he released last
year besides Mellow Gold on DGC. All on independent labels, each one had
a unique sound that just scratches the surface of creativity. Playing
for a packed house of hardcore country music fans, and a few scattered
Hollywood hipsters, Beck performed a set of old school country/bluegrass
covers and a few originals. He came out alone, dressed in blue jeans and
a cowboy shirt, with just an acoustic guitar. Having seen many of his
performances, the boy wonder never looked so nervous. Beck has played
his country set around L.A. clubs, but to cooler-than-thou young
scenesters, not old-time country faithfuls. This was a pure intimidating
show that would test his country credibility. On his third tune, Beck
brought out a banjo and immediately asked the "real pickers" in the
crowd to bear with him. He introduced a tune by Jimmie Rodgers and
received a smattering of acknowledgement in the form of applause. The
indie rockers he usually plays for would never have heard of him. He
began to tell a little about Rodgers, describing him as a "bad-ass" and
expounding the virtues of his yodeling. Claiming yodeling has gotten a
bad rap, and it has "nothing to do with suspenders and short pants,"
Beck picked away at the banjo and broke into the tune. When the yodeling
portion came up, Beck sang it with complete sincerity and faithfulness
that the audience gave him his biggest round of applause of the evening.
He had passed the cred test. Halfway through the set, Beck brought a guy
named Leo to play slide guitar, and a girl named Lisa from L.A.
underground heroes Liquor Cabinet (a band in which Beck was a member
until this past summer) to bang the brushes on a minimal drum kit. They
played "Rowboat" from his LP Stereopathetic Soulmanure and it shined
alongside the classics he had been performing. The respect Beck showed
to the crowd throughout the evening paid off when he received an
unscheduled encore. The enthusiastic crowd loved him. Perusing MTV Yack,
"Beck sucks" pops up quite frequently. While these kids may only know
one of his songs, they should seriously seek out his numerous releases.
His diversity is amazing. How many new artists could share the stage
with both Johnny Cash and the Beastie Boys? Beck has many tricks up his
sleeve and will be around for a long time to come. Save the
"one-hit-wonder" tag for someone less talented.

-- RokyManson

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