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December 8, 1994
Volume 4 Number 12

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From: dann medin 
beck & doorag & lupo's 10/25...
shit.  this crowd was shit.  a packed house of mostly jean-clad fratty 
boys w/ possessive arms around their girlfriends.  a batch of 
shirtless sweaty smelly guys from lollapallooza & th last metallica 
show determined to stage dive to even th acoustic only folk tunes.  & 
stinky ladies dressed in black pushing to th front screaming "i love 
you beck!" sheer & utter hell.  doo rag was a pleasent surprise; 
creative & totally into th music.  distorted slide guitars & vocals 
w/a drummer banging on boxes.  they played fr a long time too, which 
seemed to wear a bit on th crowd of "loser" fans.  i mentioned this 
last year & reaffirm strongly my opinion that beck is a wonderful 
asset to th music community.  i'll leave it @ that.  we moved to th 
side after josh's film was confiscated & we got sick of being hit & 
fallen on.  after th show i got a note to beck about th film thru my 
friend jay, who played drums fr jchurch a little this summer on tour.  
(lance is playing guitar fr beck on tour.) they found us outside 
immediately after th show & told us that beck had thought that th camera 
had been confiscated & freaked out.  in th end, he recovered th 
exposed film, & even remembered me from last march's boston show 
w/m.l.lord & that dog.  since he was most definitely NOT th asshole, i 
left w/a bitter taste on my tongue fr mtv & commercial radio.  

account no.-

oh, if anyone has any advice on affordable ways of retaining quality 
in live fotos fr a photocopied zine, i'd appreciate any advice.  
thanks.  xoxoxoxoxoxo

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