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Indie List Digest!
February 1, 1994
Volume 3 Number 8

Reprinted without permission from
and edited by me.

From: (Kent Williams)

Unrest/Versus/Swarays Live Gabe's Iowa City 1/29/94

Bruce, the local Warner/A&M/4AD dude was at the show and had some
interesting observations and tidbits:

1. At the Champaign, IL show the crowd got so excited after a 50 minute
set, that Unrest played for another solid hour, and only stopped when the
club brought up the lights. 

2. The JayHawks are in the studio recording a new album.  They flew to
L.A. on a sunday night to begin, and the next morning was an earthquake. 

3. He's all hot about a guy from LA who calls himself 'Beck' who he
described as 'Bob Dylan singing through a pitch shifter.' Apparently the
guy has about 3 albums worth of cool stuff in the can, and he thought he
was going to be 'huge.' Any indie-listers hear of this guy? 


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