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August 8, 1994
Volume 3 Number 46

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YoYo a GoGo, Olympia, Wash., July 12-16, 1994

Written by Anne Zender  [Bracketed comments by es]


The last day, and things started two hours earlier in the afternoon, 
so we missed a bunch of stuff.  I heard about 30 seconds worth of Team 
Dresch, and wished I could have heard more, but we had to hurry and 
get a good seat for I-L whipping boy Beck.

No, no, wait! First, we heard a fifteen-minute diatribe by a young 
woman about how Olympia's Evergreen College had screwed her by 
expelling her for spraying graffiti.  A bum rap, all right.  She then 
read a lengthy letter she had written to them in rebuttal which 
included lots of "I'm a victim of your medieval institutional 
meanness, etc." which made me impatient.  [I'd love to hear the 
details of this case from anyone in the know.  From what I heard 
there, she was upset about lamentable handling of rape crisis 
situations at Evergreen, spread a fair amount of vandalism on campus - 
tasteful slogans implying that death for rapists is too lenient - was 
caught and signed an agreement with the University to take part in 
some counseling and training, as well as some fines that would cover 
the vandalism.  It sounded like she hadn't done the counseling, and 
she certainly hadn't paid the fine.  She was most upset because the 
fines had been turned over to a collection agency afer non-payment.  
It sounds like real-world stuff, but if anyone knows more...]

Finally Beck played, first some generic punk stuff with what was 
apparently an ad-hoc band, then some more revealing folk-blues stuff.  
Very listenable, & not at all MTV minded, which was a mercy.  Guests 
included the godheadSilo guy, who made "human beatbox" sounds during 
one song, and Calvin Johnson, who sang, thrashed around in what seemed 
to me an extremely self-conscious way, and then stomped offstage 

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