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May 7, 1994
Volume 3 Number 30

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From: Jonathan Tronson <73543.3230@CompuServe.COM>
More LA band stuff

In Digest #329, someone outlined the LA's current indie groups and 
their new releases....Well, I'd like to add my two cents worth to this 
short list:

SLUG (also one fucking word) has a new CD soon to be released on 
Matador.  Due to an artwork mixup with fellow LA "rocker" BECK, whose 
new LP cover had such a remarkable resemblance to SLUG's intended 
cover that they (the latter) had to find a new one.  I've seen the 
video for "Aurora F" and the song is definitely swinging.  The SLUG 
boys also have a CD out from '92-'93 titled "Swingers," which is a 
cult favorite among noise lovers.  They also have half a dozen or so 
7"s out on Magnatone Records.  I saw their 7" split with Unsane on 
clear flexi selling for $18!!!!!!!!!!

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