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April 3, 1994
Volume 3 Number 23

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Sean Keric Murphy 
Music that makes your life worthwhile again

P.S.  I'd like to propose an addition to the I-L "forbidden artist 
list" - B*CK.  Fucking obnoxious, and being heralded as the true 
expression of the slacker generation - give me a fucking break.  This 
is media hype at work.  If he's really been an "underground singer" 
for all these years as he claims, why didn't we hear about him through 
the usual channels (zines, odd compilation tapes, etc.)? Hell, I know 
much less about the Mountain Goats origin (or anyone on Shrimper, a 
real "home-tape" label), but I'd rather hear that than B*ck any day.

[Luckily this hasn't proven itself to be a problem yet.  I figure 
some Beckisms will slip in unawares, but I open the idea to the I-L 

Resolved:  Beck is not so much a Loser, baby, as he is a Poseur.  


{discuss? if we all ignore him, wont he just go away?--az}

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