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March 23, 1994
Volume 3 Number 20

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From: James Nash 

Sleeper/Prolapse/Palace/Tindersticks and more!

Brought to you by the letters B, P, S and T and the number 7.

Beck - Loser EP (Geffen UK)

'Loser' you all know and love but you might like to try the other tracks
here, apparently differnt to the US release. 'Corvette Bummer' has a
storming gansta rap beat and I defy you not to shake your funky butts.
'Totally Confused' is a Pavement/Swirlies affair but also a neat love
song and 'MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack' starts off as acoustic
grunge before becoming classy jazz swing piano; "Those videos are better
n' love" and the irony-meter hits overload. Somehow, Beck pull off the
impossible by taking the indie aesthetic to different musical genres
without compromising subject or object. Huge fun. Excellent as well.
AND it features sitars.

[I'm so close to invoking the Mch*l Bltn rule here... Beck is pre-fab 
bullshit.  But, I've always supported discussion of music, not flames, 
so, well, write me if you REALLY want to know why I think Beck sucks... - 

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