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February 7, 1994
Volume 3 Number 10

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From: Aaron Schatz 
Subject:   Beck is Bogus

Some guy wrote in about Beck.  WARNING: Beck is bogus.  This guy is going
to be passed off by all the major alternative stations (KROQ, BRU, HFS,
91X, etc.) as some kind of "indie find" as a way to avoid playing Versus
and cool bands like them.  His song "Loser" came out on a 12" from
"Bongload" records and somehow got picked up and put into rotation in L.A.
by KROQ, and its found its way around the country.  The song is kind of a
folky thing with Beck rapping over acoustic guitar and drum machine and
its kind of funny but like "Detachable Penis" it loses the humor after the
tenth time.  He's now been picked up by Geffen, which has released "Loser"
as a CD-5 with 4 INCREDIBLY LAME tracks in which Beck comes off as a
massvely stupid Beastie-Boys wanna-be.  He will soon join Evan Dando,
Juliana Hatfield and Liz Phair as a complete media creation. But unlike
them, he has no talent.  STAY AWAY. 

[uh oh... my final comment on Liz Phair - find someone who has an old 
Girly Sound tape - the one I heard was so amazing... Liz may be a 
media-hype-attractor these days, but she truly can write songs... - Sean]

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