2007-04-06 Liquid Room

Beck performed at the Liquid Room the other night (here are some photos). I haven’t read much in the way of English-language reviews, but I gather it was a good performance. Hambeck has a review up, in Japanese, along with a setlist (repeated below, Rosemint cafe has a slightly different one). Let’s hope a recording turns up, it seems awesome.


Black Tambourine
Soldier Jane
Paper Tiger
Whether (the opening throat [tsu] the tune which you do not know was done)

< Medley >
Think I’m In Love
Celllphone’s Dead
Mixed Bizness
Nicotine & Gravy

Qué Onda Guero
Hollywood Freaks
No Complaints

< Acoustic >
Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime (instant)
Lost Cause
Sunday Sun
The Golden Age
Lonesome Whistle (the cover of Hank Williams)
Clap Hands

< Encore >
Where It’s At

One Response to “2007-04-06 Liquid Room”

  1. yukari says:

    i was there!
    the show was great but not that amazing like in 2003, imo.
    beck took quite a lot of pictures of audience. and he put them up on his photo diary.

    AND, i’m on one of them! find me if you can! :P

    i’ll post a review later when i got enough time. (sorry i crazily busy at work… :’()

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