Everlasting Secret Jubilee
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Stray Blues

Everlasting Secret Jubilee [Live version (a)]:

??? friend
It's the chainstore that's so elegant
Holding me to thinking that I never found my way
Look here, another day to stray your blues away
When will children learn to let their wildernesses burn?
Let the fugitives and revelries on the perfume of a pig
The birds will drink your wine and leave their souls behind
With love

Well it was only yesteryear when life was just a souvenir
Wrapped up in the night shade of an endless sunrise
What can you say or do? The saints are filthy too
So collect your worldly jewels, pack them on the shackled mules
And head out to that everlasting secret jubilee!!
There'll be a place for us to hang our anchors on
The Song:

Beck played this song one time live, during an Odelay tour acoustic set. Never heard of before or after or since or again.

It's a folk song. Beck mutated a few of these lines into songs on Mutations a few years later: "when will children learn to let their wildernesses burn" shows up on "We Live Again."

Beck named a single he released in Japan of some b-sides, Stray Blues, which appears to come from this lyric (though this song is not on it). I'm tempted to believe that the actual name of this song is thus "Stray Blues," but since "Everlasting Secret Jubilee" has been around for awhile, I'm going to stick with that.

Played live once:
January 12, 1997

This was just played the one time.