By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: Youthless

This Version:
  • Youthless (2:59)
    Available on Modern Guilt and 1 other release.
    Recorded at: Anonyme Studios
    Matt Mahaffey: Bass
    Danger Mouse: Beats, Producer
    Larry Corbett: Cello
    Drew Brown: Engineer
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Electric), Producer
    Brian Lebarton: Keyboard / Synthesizer
    Greg Kurstin: Keyboard / Synthesizer
There's a bottomless pit that we've been climbing from
Just to get on level ground
Shake your seasick legs around
Dead of winter in a logo town
Signs of life are soft and flickering
Need a bed to lay my body down
Deadweight that you carry round
The static is lulling me to sleep
Hang your clothes on a chain link fence
In a junkyard, say amen
Your mouth is full of wordless hymns
And run-on sentences

And we're helpless and forgetting
In the background, holding nothing
And they're youthless and pretending
With their bare hands holding nothing

There's a million horses dragging down a monolith
These trademarks so bereaved
Tied my leg to a barricade
With a plastic hand grenade
That tried to turn emotion into noise
Need a teleprompter for my life
Need a pipeline to the night
My body can't get no relief
And this life, it goes by fast
You're treading water in the past
Trying to re-animate something
That you can't understand

And they're helpless and forgetting
In the background, saying nothing
And he's youthless and forgetting
With his bare hands tied to nothing

And he's helpless and forgetting
In the background, giving nothing
That is youthless, trembling
With his bare hands holding nothing

Played live 25 times:
Earliest known live version: June 24, 2008
Latest known live version: March 26, 2009