By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: Untitled

This Version:
Gas station on a Christmas moon
Shot my rifle in the ladies' room
Broke the sink and I cracked the mirror
Kiss the deputy 'til he disappeared
Now I work on a county farm
Shoot every man that's done me harm

Leftovers of boiled wine
Man, I'm thinkin' of that woman of mine
But she can't make my bail
She throws my letters in the garbage pail
Puts my love on the window sill
Last meal when I'm over the hill

The judge put me in the ditch
Brochures and a wooden bench
Nail fevers in my cell
And the dreams of an oil well
Pasttimes of the funeral night
Insects dance around the light
Heart pain on the asphalt sky
Burnt feathers when I'm out of lies