Super Christ
By: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew, Thurston Moore
Written by: Beck Hansen, Chris Ballew, Thurston Moore

Version Of: Super Christ

This Version:
  • Super Christ (2:57)
    Available on KXLU Live.
    Recorded at: KXLU
    Thurston Moore: Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Beck Hansen: Keyboard / Synthesizer (Moog), Vocals (Background)
    Chris Ballew: Noise
Turn turn turn turn turn out a burn
A burn for you is yellow rice
What kind of jerk is that that becomes a super christ
Rip it into shapes and flick it to the babes, a sacrifice
Work it like a dog 'cause Snoopy is a dog from paradise
Bring out the world of color twirling color wheel
Freak out the 'fraidy cats like a burning man of steel
Rip up the shape and the junction is raped, it's civilized
Whippin' in the wind is Superman's friends' cactus eyes
Take off your top and drop a chunk of honky tonk
Run out the door and score a hunk of honky junk
Kick out the jacks, I'll buy snacks and get a life
Take off your brain, sell out your fame, super christ

Played live once:
March 8, 1994