Peach Picking Time in Georgia
By: Clayton McMichen, Jimmie Rodgers
Original Performance: Jimmie Rodgers
Written by: Clayton McMichen, Jimmie Rodgers

This Version:
[From Beck/Willie duet on The Tonight Show:]

It's peach-pickin' time in Georgia, apple pickin' time in Tennessee
Cotton-pickin' time in Mississippi, everybody picks on me

Well it's round-up time in Texas, the cowboys make whoopee
And down in old Alabama, it's gal-pickin' time for me

Well, there's bluegrass down in Kentucky, Virginia's where they do the swing
Carolina, now I'm coming to see you in the spring

And Arkansas, I hear you calling, I know I'll see you soon
That's when I'll do a little pickin' underneath the Ozark moon

Now when hard times overtake you, I hope they don't get me
I got a little sweetie waiting for me down in Tennessee
I know I'm gonna see her, I hope it won't be long
That's where we'll pick a little cabin, call it our mountain home

Played live 14 times:
Earliest known live version: September 29, 1997
Latest known live version: May 16, 2015