1. Roma
    David Campbell: Conductor
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
Roma [Version (a)]:


...of the world
There's no comfort in knowing
That ??

Let me go
Me go
The Song:

In November 2018, Beck posted two short clips on his Instagram of his father conducting a string section, while a tape of Beck's voice sings some new song for them to play over. The above lyrics are what I could make out.

What this song is for, I couldn't even guess. I certainly didn't expect him to follow up Colors with "Wave"-like songs, but anything is possible at this point.

A day later, Beck posted a photo of the music to instagram, showing the title of a song called "Roma." It says at the top "arranged by Beck Hansen" and "Orchestra by David Campbell." Beck's caption for the photo explained that he was "recording orchestrations for the film Roma by Alfonso Cuaron."

I'll add: I do not know if "Roma" was the same song that there were clips (and lyrics) for, which I've listed above, or if the clips/lyrics and the track called "Roma" are separate songs. Both, though, are clearly for a film called Roma.