Can't Help Falling In Love
By: George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore
Written by: George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore

The Song:

"Can't Help Falling In Love" is a song originally recorded by Elvis Presley, and in his 1961 movie Blue Hawaii.

Beck's cover will be released in April 2017. It is part of a soundtrack called Resistance Radio, which is meant as a "collection of songs that would be broadcast by rebels" in the world of the dystopian TV show, The Man In The High Castle. The soundtrack was coordinated by Modern Guilt co-producer, Danger Mouse (Brian Burton), and features all modern artists singing older pop classics. (The show takes place in 1962, so all the songs predate that time.) This story talks a little about the creation of the soundtrack, though does not mention Beck specifically.