Bringin It Back
By: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft
Written by: Beck Hansen, Steve Hanft

Version Of: Bringin It Back

This Version:
  • Bringin It Back (2:40)
    Available on Bogusflow.
    Clare Crespo: Bass
    Lisa Dembling: Drums
    Leo LeBlanc: Guitar (Pedal Steel)
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
    Steve Hanft: Vocals
Bringing it back to the city
Bringing it back to the town
Bringing it back to the ladies
Bringing it all back down
Bringing it all back to my mama
She knows where I've been
Bringing it back to my honey
Goosepimples on my skin
I got a can of whiskey
I got a pack of smokes
I got a friend named Lemmy
He always gets free Cokes
I got a friend, Delilah
She's the prettiest one I know
She came over to my backyard
Sheared off my afro

Bringing it back to the city
The biggest city you see
It's a little bit past Nevada
My hair is like gasoline
Shag rug on the levee
And a pretzel on your thigh
And the radioactive power
And the tastebuds are so dry
And I could really love you
If you let me try
Bringing it back to my family
Goosepimples in the sky