No Distraction
By: Beck Hansen, Greg Kurstin
Written by: Beck Hansen, Greg Kurstin

  1. No Distraction
    Available on Upcoming Album.
    Beck Hansen: Producer
    Greg Kurstin: Producer
The Song:

"No Distraction" is the name of a song on Beck's upcoming 2016 album. Rolling Stone calls it a "dance-y, Talking Heads-like stomp."

Q Magazine called it "positive in its message" and a "self-help cry in the face of 21st-century digital overload" (which makes it sound like a The Information outtake). Beck was quoted, "Anybody who has a phone or computer lives with the distractions pulling you this way and that. We haven't figured out how to have access to everybody and everything all the time and how it affects us psychically and neurologically. Or at least I haven't. My analogy to friends has been that I feel as if somebody has removed the front door of my house, permanently."