Da' Ya' Think I'm Sexy
By: Carmine Appice, Duane Hitchings, Rod Stewart

Written by: Carmine Appice, Duane Hitchings, Rod Stewart

The Song:

"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" [sic] is a song from 1978 by Rod Stewart.

Beck covered it twice on stage in 2014, doing it as a duet with Jenny Lewis (who was opening those two shows).

Also, after Jenny left the tour, occasionally the band would break into the song's riff during "Where It's At" jams, though Beck did not sing anything.

Played live 6 times:
Earliest known live version: August 20, 2014
Latest known live version: September 20, 2014

As I wrote above, Beck played full covers of "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" twice in 2014. Both were duets with Jenny Lewis.

The other times they played it live were as medleys, without Jenny. During "Where It's At" that year, Beck would introduce all his band members, who upon introduction would solo for a minute on their respective instruments. Roger played a number of different songs/riffs, and 3-4 times included "Sexy." Beck never sang anything of the song those times though.