The 335 Years' War
By: Beck Hansen, E.N. McNeill

Written by: Beck Hansen, E.N. McNeill

  1. The 335 Years' War
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The 335 Years' War [Version (a)]:

'Twas on the Isles Of Sicily in 1651
The Dutch declared a war but nobody raised a gun
In fact no shots were fired and nobody even went
'Til three centuries passed and a treaty was finally sent

Here's to the heroes of the Sicily Islands War
For three-hundred and thirty-five years, no one left their door
The enemy forgot to come, forgot what to fight for
So here's to the heroes of the Sicily Islands War
The Song:

"The 335 Years' War" is part of a collection of patriotic songs about wars and soldiers and the like, referenced on the back of one of the songs in Beck's Song Reader.

The 335 Years' War really happened--it was a war, as in the song, where no shots were ever fired before a peace treaty was signed 300 years later.

You can read about it here, like Beck seems to have.

Also, for a lot of the fragments Beck wrote, they are credited to different names. This song says "by E.N. McNeill" on it; best I can tell though is the name is entirely made up and not a reference to anything or anyone in particular. (The best I could find was an H.W. McNeill who wrote a 'patriotic' song called "American Anthem" in 1896.)