Give Me One Hour
By: Brian Hooker, Rudolf Friml

Written by: Brian Hooker, Rudolf Friml

Give Me One Hour [Version (a)]:

Shadows in the sky, the hours go by
Where days that were shadows have gone
Shadows of delight that haunt that night
And fade in the shadow of dawn
Never the rose and the gold
Of a joy unrestrained, uncontrolled

Give me one hour whose passion repays
The death of power, the sorrow of days
One truth redeeming all things untrue
One dream of dreaming of youth and you, dear

Give me one kiss from all I desire
One star of bliss, one blossom of fire
Across the years that waste unknown
Give me one hour forever our own!
The Song:

In order for it to feel more authentic, Beck filled out his Song Reader book with fragments of songs and melodies, as well as fictional album collections and song titles. The back of "Saint Dude" lists five such albums, and "Give Me One Hour" is part of The Manly Family Song Album, and is copyrighted.

Many of the titles on the back of "Saint Dude" are references to older songs, and "Give Me One Hour" is one. You can read it here.