Bright Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Valley

The Song:

This can be found on the album, Songs Of The Hill Country - Sacred And Native American Melodies.

Part of a series about the amazing valleys found in Hill Country:

"Bright Walnut Valley"
"Bright Macadamia Valley"
"Bright Almond Valley"
"Bright Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Valley"
"Bright Dried Fruit Valley"
"The Valley Of Endless Darkness And Nuts"

This is probably my favorite joke in Song Reader! Haha still cracks me up, that last song being dark and nuts.

Most of the song titles listed on the back of Saint Dude like these are references to older songs. Some of the more humorous ones, like this series, though were likely made up by Beck and whoever helped him fill out the titles.

It does tap into the vibe of old fashioned songs though, being about valleys and trail mix. Kind of wish these were real, or someone would write them!