By The Sad Sad Waves
By: traditional

Written by: traditional

By The Sad Sad Waves [Version (a)]:

By the sad sea waves, I listen while they moan
A lament o'er graves of hope and pleasure gone
I am young, I was fair
I had once not a care
From the rising of the morn' to the setting of the sun
Yet I pine like a slave by the sad sea wave
Come again, bright days of hope and pleasure gone!

From my care last night, by holy sleep beguiled
In the fair dream light, my home upon me smiled
Oh how sweet amid the dew
Every flower that I knew
Breathed a welcome back to the wore and weary child
I awake in my grave by the sad sea wave
Come again bright dream, so peacefully that smiled!
The Song:

This can be found in the collection of manly hymns, Hymns For Him.

Most of the song titles on the back of Saint Dude, like this one, are references to older songs. Most point to old sheet music, but this one goes back even further, to an ancient English Broadside ballad of the same name. Broadside ballads were sold cheaply on pieces of paper, often just the lyrics. They were kind of the original sheet music! You can read about them more here.