Douglas, Tender And True
By: Dinah Maria Craik

Written by: Dinah Maria Craik

Douglas, Tender And True [Version (a)]:

Could ye come back to me, Douglas, Douglas,
In the old likeness that I knew,
I would be so faithful, so loving, Douglas,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.

Never a scornful word should grieve ye,
I'd smile on ye sweet as the angels do; --
Sweet as your smile on me shone ever,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.

O to call back the days that are not!
My eyes were blinded, your words were few
Do you know the truth now up in heaven,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true?

I never was worthy of you, Douglas;
Not half worthy the like of you:
Now all men beside seem to me like shadows --
I love you, Douglas, tender and true.

Stretch out your hand to me, Douglas, Douglas,
Drop forgiveness from heaven like dew;
As I lay my heart on your dead heart, Douglas,
Douglas, Douglas, tender and true.
The Song:

This is a song from the Male Quartette Collection, the greatest book ever compiled.

Many of the song titles on the back of Saint Dude are references to older sheet music/songs. "Douglas, Tender And True" was, from what I gather, originally a poem from 1867 by Dinah Maria Craik. There seems to be two versions of it in sheet music: one put to music by Alfred Humphries Pease, and another by Lady John Scott. They both have Craik's poem underneath though.