Fair Honolulu, We've Got To Hand It To You

The Song:

In order to make Song Reader feel more authentic, Beck filled out the artwork with fragments of melodies and songs, and even fictional album collections consisting of made-up song titles. "Fair Honolulu, We've Got To Hand It To You" is included in a collection of "far-flung melodies" about various exotic locations.

While most of the song titles throughout Song Reader are references to older sheet music/songs, the "far flung" ones seem to be mostly just jokes/puns about different cities or traveling or the like. I was unable to find a song by this name, though certainly there were MANY old sheet music songs about Honolulu (and in fact, exotic locations like it; Beck included this fictional collection for that reason).

For fun, here are some old time sheet music song titles about Honolulu:

"I Lost My Heart In Honolulu"
"Down Honolulu Way"
"Dear Old Dreamy Honolulu Town"
"The Honolulu Hicki-Boola-Boo"
"When My Honolulu Lady Does The Honolulu Dip"
"A Little Rendezvous In Honolulu"
"A Night In Honolulu"
"My Honolulu Tomboy"
"My Honolulu Lady"
"My Honolulu Queen"
"My Honolulu Ukulele Baby"
"My Gal From Honolulu"
"Faraway In Honolulu (They've Got The Tango Craze)"
"Honolulu I'm Coming Back Again"
"Honolulu Moon"
"Honolulu Moonlight"
"In Honolulu By The Sea"
"Honolulu, America Loves You"
"Honolulu Eyes"
"Drowsy Honolulu Moonlight"
"I'm Down In Honolulu (Looking Them Over)"