Books Of Moses
By: Alexander 'Skip' Spence
Original Performance: Alexander 'Skip' Spence
Written by: Alexander 'Skip' Spence

Version Of: Books Of Moses

This Version:
  • Books Of Moses (7:24)
    Available on Oar.
    Recorded at: Sunset Sound Studios
    James Gadson: Drums
    Beck Hansen: Hand Claps
    Jamie Lidell: Hand Claps, Looping Pedal, Marimbula, Vocals
    Brian Lebarton: Synth Pad
Yea, holy shit, that's heavy!

Books of Moses, Books of Moses
Wet in the water, weeping on the sun
Books of Moses got some splinters, didn't you?
Books of Moses brought me right back here to you
Flaming heart, ain't she sweet?
Lighting the world at your feet
Books of Moses, myth and truth
Books of Moses, bringing me back to you
Hero's welcome, standing there, standing there is the king now
Where the serpent shudders and the angels sing
Books of Moses, happening again, yea happening again
Books of Moses, brimstone news
Wet is the water, blood covering the sun
Books of Moses