Hyperspace (1 version)
Type: Album
 No official release date yet, but it should be out in 2019.

Beck says he was "thinking about that (early video) game Asteroids. It had a button when you're about to get destroyed to save called Hyperspace, you would disappear and save your life."

"Each song is kind of a different way that people Hyperspace, deal with the world, escape from the reality we're all dealing with."
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Title: Hyperspace
Release type: Retail
Release date: Unknown date
Format: Unknown
Number pressed: Unknown

1. Saw Lightning 
Drums: Pharrell Williams
Guitar (Acoustic Slide): Beck Hansen
Harmonica: Beck Hansen
keyboards: Pharrell Williams
Piano: Beck Hansen
Produced by: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams
Vocals: Beck Hansen
Vocals (Mumbles): Pharrell Williams
Written by: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams

2. Everlasting Nothing 
Written by: Beck Hansen, Pharrell Williams