I got this transcript from over here:

Livechat with Beck on 10 March 2000

Ganki: hello mr. hanson

BECK: Hello


BECK: Thank you its good to be here it was a beautiful drive th

BECK: through the alpos

andy: which songs are you going to play?

BECK: mic check with your grandma

Skybert: Hello Beck? I have read something on the MTV page that you have
created music for another cd.. i wonder, if you have, when does it come?

BECK: 'When the leaves from the twelve tree fall on the black stone by
the fifth gate

yasa: You must be bored always winning awards

BECK: you must be bored watching me win awards


BECK: on a live raft on the limmat with zucchini bread and pastis

bethmalloy: Are you able to see any sights--or just off and on the bus?

BECK: mostly on and off the bus but i have made an effort on this tour
to walk around, meet people, look for a coffee. I have been surveiing
the cab driving skills of your fair continent.

dartmoore: tell me about your art!

BECK: look for the book "Playing with matches" it talks about my artwork
better than i could in a line or two.

friedrich: Do you still remixe other peoples songs?

BECK: Yes.

peaches'n'cream03: how do u come up with you're lyrics ?

BECK: I meditate in a chamber of mass.

MCA: Would you ever do an electronic music album? Do you like electronic

BECK: Yes, this new record is an electronic music record. I left those
songs off. But I think in the future I release something purely

bethmalloy: can you fill us in on where you are headed on next disc?
that is, if you know.."

yasa: what shoud I put on my Pizza, Salami or Ham?

BECK: I wont know till its done. I think it will be more simple and
more heavy, more rock than funk.

posie: do you get homesick on tour or do you enjoy the travelling?

BECK: Im enjoying being in europe right now. I dont miss america at all.

yasa: do you still make music-projects whith labels as K'Records and


mary: why dont you play in austria beck? im really sad...were all

Noaya: We over here in Israel would love to see you here... Do you plan
on coming over?

BECK: Id love to. I wish we had more time.

MCA: Which is your favourite hip hop artist at the moment?

BECK: I dig all kinds of hip hop.

Peter Ferkel: do you now any swiss artist?

BECK: the ones that speak to me and my style busta rimes, I also love
Easy E and some old Public Enemy.

LaurenL: what's in your CD player right now?

BECK: Enviremental sounds: Redwood Forest

bethmalloy: Mr, sir,Rumor has it you are a reader, are you reading
anything now--on the road? Or is that too hard?n

BECK: D H Lawrence, Martin Amis

Mayss: Are there places where you prefer to play??? I loved the montreal

moonlight: are you planning on doing a concert in hawaii anytime soon?

BECK: Montreal is one of my favourites, Spain and Portugal are amazing.
They sing a long to every song. They dance, they go insane. It makes
performing less lonely.

peaches'n'cream03: how often do u chat like this?

BECK: We played there nine month ago. We probably wont get there for a

BeckGirl: Will you ever tour Australia?

BECK: I hope so.

Mario Prietto: what question do you wish you were asked more often?"

baba: Who's in your band right now?

BECK: About my muscularly vigorous and strikingly virile ex roommates.

Jgearhart: If you were a bar of soap, which soap would you be?"

peaches'n'cream03: which album is your favorite?

BECK: Ted Nugent, Olivia Newton John, Paul Hardcastle, Eddie Grant,
Norman Schwarzkopf and a keyboard player from Westport.

moonlight: what kinds of dreams do you have?

BECK: A last question please.

moonlight: will you get married soon?

BECK: Orange.

BECK: good bye to everybody.

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